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Christmas and election canvassing Caribupdate Weekly, Editorial December 21, 2017


For most Grenadians, Christmas is a welcome respite from mundane world of work and a time for sheer fun, merriment and enjoyment. However, it would be less so, this year, for some Grenadians; that is, those who would like to represent us in the Lower House of Parliament.

With a general election looming in the New Year, we expect the candidates of the various political parties, as well as the independent candidates, to be engaged in an active schedule of political canvassing throughout the Christmas holidays, right across Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

A record-number of female candidates and political newcomers appears, up to this point, to have made little difference to the tone seen and heard in previous campaigns, even from those who were at the front of the line to sign the Code of Conduct drafted by the Community of Social Organizations. If the past – which has included libel lawsuit for political platform comments – is any indication of the future, then Grenadians ought to fasten their seatbelts for a rough ride on the final stretch to the general election finishing line.

It’s certain that one national event that will occur before the elections is the Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year Awards’ ceremony of the Grenada Olympic Committee (GOC). It’s scheduled for January 5 at Spice Basket, Beaulieu, St George’s.

As Caribupdate Weekly pointed out last year, the GOC awards’ ceremony is arguably the best-organized of all local events in our nation; however, it lacks drama, in terms of who the likely winners will be.

As it is now, all nominees – whether they competed only here at home or plied their trade on a global stage as an international athlete – are grouped together as contenders for the titles of Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year. The result is a no-contest; an obvious mismatch of contenders. Hence, pro athlete and track superstar Kirani James, easily won the Sportsman of the Year Award from 2009 to 2016.

And, even though James is not nominated for 2017, having been sidelined due to injury, we believe that there are only two nominees with any reasonable and realistic chance of capturing the Sportsman of the Year Award for 2017: Lindon Victor – the fifth-ranked decathlete in the world; andtop-order batsman and wicketkeeper Andre Fletcher, one of the most highly sought-after T20 players on the planet. The female field of contenders for Sportswoman of the Year is, in our opinion, even less competitive than the male nominees, with West Indies women’s player, Afy Fletcher, among the candidates. The choice of Sportswoman of the Year should be quite simple for the three-man judging panel that had included the late national sportsman and sports journalist, Trevor Thwaites. As a replacement for Thwaites, Caribupdate Weekly would like to suggest that the GOC should consider including a woman on the panel of judges.

Now, since this is the final edition of Caribupdate Weekly for 2017, the management and staff of this newspaper would like to thank all, including our advertisers, readers and vendors, for their support throughout the year. We look forward to continue serving you in 2018.

Let’s be thankful for God’s grace and mercies that have carried us through 2017, enabling us to enjoy another Christmas with family and friends; an occasion not just to receive but also to give, especially to the less fortunate among us. Remember, too, that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ and the example of living that he set for us. Let us demonstrate goodwill and love for each other, just as Jesus Christ taught us.

Caribupdate Weekly wishes everyone a safe and God-filled Christmas. The very best wishes, as well, for a healthy and successful New Year.


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